107.240 m²
There are 378 flats and commercial functions in total, 64 of which are 3+1 flats, 314 flats are 4+1 concept. Our project, which is positioned as two branches, consists of a total of 29 blocks, one of which is 13 blocks and the other is 16 blocks. Since the land is sloping, there are elevation differences between the blocks. These elevation differences were created in harmony with the land and minimal intervention was made on the land. Landscape studies were carried out by evaluating the level differences in the interior garden design.

The ground floors of the blocks are designed as entrance lobby and social area. The apartments are designed as double-sided so that each apartment can see the inner garden. The floor numbers of the blocks vary between 5 and 12 floors. The movements of the simplified building forms at different heights in accordance with the slope of the land have created a natural silhouette as a whole. A horizontal building form was created, aiming for a natural silhouette, instead of the repetitive individual blocks without identity, which are in a sense imposed by the usual, current zoning conditions. The horizontally related blocks form different elevations vertically. It is designed as blocks with a more horizontal effect instead of high-rise blocks that are close to each other. Only 5 blocks are over 7 floors. The main setup of the design was provided in this way by creating frames with wooden elements.

The basement floors of all buildings have been designed to meet both the various service and shelter areas and the parking garage requirements of different functions. Parking lot access and pedestrian entrances and exits of the residences are provided from the secondary road in the north direction, and that of the commercial building from the street in the south direction. It is envisaged that the ground plane will be greened as much as possible by clearing it from vehicles, but a service road to be used in emergencies will be delivered to all blocks.

Social facilities in the middle part of the basement floor are associated with the public garden at the same level by making use of the elevation difference in the land. The other parts of this floor were utilized with indoor parking and service functions. The structural system and the modulation provided in the general planning made possible both fast methods for construction and easily transformable interior layouts. It is predicted that the warm wood and natural stone used as coating materials on the exterior surfaces will beautify the aging that will occur over time.