6.360 m²

The intense landscape usage direction of the land is directed towards the green axle and qualified housing structure. While social areas and open areas are oriented towards the city center and the dense green axis, the usage areas are positioned to dominate the most ideal angle from the intersection.

The top of the conference hall is arranged with grass and it serves as an open area for the restaurants and game rooms on the 1st floor. Thus, spatial integrity was achieved between the landscape and the social areas.

The facade element used in front of the glass surface in the upper office floors is called the tulle facade in today's modern architecture. The stylized use of the Seljuk pattern on the tulle facade, which is also used as a sunshade, makes references to traditional architecture.

‘V’ Orienting the building in the shape of a cross to the intersection point strengthens the prestige perception of the building. The entrance to the bar was also considered from this point, with the building being pulled back on the ground.

The stone facade elements used in the corners of the building and on the ground floor represent the strong stance of justice.

The one-way corridors on the rear façade were designed on the northwest axis, which is the dominant direction of the building, and enriched with a green inner courtyard.

A rich indoor environment has been created thanks to the gallery, which was built for the building entrance to provide a visual connection with the green areas at the back and the social spaces in the basement floor to benefit from natural light.