25.750 m²
The project is the first structure of the company in Turkey that will implement the new generation pharmaceutical warehouse concept. It has been handled with a solution that is sensitive to the environment and the user, has functional and semantic aspects. With the automation system, it is aimed to reach the pharmacy untouched by human hands and by maintaining the cold chain. Thanks to the wide spans and high volumes created and the logistics infrastructure, the building has been ensured to be a warehouse at international standards.

Structure; It consists of basement, ground and 2 floors. The basement floor is planned as a closed car park and technical volumes, and all other floors are designed as a drug stock warehouse and administrative offices. Due to the elevation difference on the front and back of the land; The office entrance is made from the main road, from the exposed basement floor. The entrance foyer is designed as a large area where different activities are held, beyond being an impressive welcoming place. The warehouse entrances are also associated with the ground from the back of the building in the setup, which is handled with a solution where stock, feeding and shipping are on the same floor.

In addition to the pharmaceutical stocks on the first floor, there are also administrative offices on the front. In the interiors created with flexibility and transparency, bright areas have been created thanks to the high floor heights. The common area illuminated by the skylight, designed to create more transparent spaces, allows each office to benefit from daylight. Thus, an environment where all employees can communicate openly and share in common has been provided.

On the second floor; Social areas are planned for employees. There is a large terrace with units such as a dining hall and conference hall.

In the design, it is aimed to find a distinctive character that symbolizes the building. In order to achieve this aim; Materials close to each other were used in the exterior and interior design, and it was aimed to give a simple expression by including modular elements in the details. All details have been worked out to express the mass in the simplest way possible. It has been split vertically and horizontally to reduce the high-floor effect and create a more horizontal perception. Mass is shaped through the relationship of functions. Usage areas such as offices, dining hall, conference hall and stock storage units differ from each other not only in terms of function, but also in terms of facade characteristics. While the office blocks facing the road create a more visible face with the surface formed by metal mesh and glass behind, the weight of the deaf surfaces is noticeable on the facade of the warehouse sections at the back. While the mass is gradually withdrawn on the front façade and integrated with the eaves on the last floor, the same horizontal effect on the side façades is achieved with different materials and setup of the top floor. The façade shows a composition that changes according to the time of day and the weather. With night lighting, it takes on an identity that will contribute to its environment at night.