15.780 m²
Mahmut Sami Ramazanoğlu School with 1428 students and 42 classrooms, aiming to become one of the modern education institutions; It consists of educational units, a library, an indoor sports hall and a multi-purpose hall arranged around a courtyard.

All units; It aimed to establish closer relations with nature in a way to create qualified and defined spaces. The use of the garden as a place where students and teachers will be in constant communication is one of the main decisions of the design. Instead of gathering all the units in a single building mass, the masses were fragmented by creating more surfaces so that they could meet with nature. Each unit can be used as an independent structure as well as being interconnected with each other indoors, creating a qualified outdoor space. Separate functions are placed around a central area with appropriate geometries. The human scale arcades created in the garden make the promenade more defined.

In order to create a warm atmosphere; Various materials, colors and textures were used together. In the façade setup where wide glass surfaces are intense so that all spaces are related to the environment; The design language was tried to be balanced by using deaf surfaces, stone and wood texture.

The spatial features of the indoor sports hall are intended to be a social focal point for the area. The building, which is separated from the educational units with its unique façade character, has been handled with an innovative perspective. Amphitheater at the entrance where the entire interior can be perceived; designed as a gathering unit for students

The library is placed at the location with the best view of the green courtyard. The wide glass surfaces of the library, located at the intersection of the classroom units, ensure the fluidity of the space towards the garden.

Unlike the corridor system in classical school buildings, the classrooms are designed with a linear arrangement with a single corridor. In order to provide transparency in the interior, the corridors are kept wide and directed to the wide gallery space.